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ICCS is open to churches, organisations and individuals

1. Churches, in membership of, or having official links with, the World Council of Churches (WCC), the Conference of European Churches (CEC) or their national Council of Churches. In particular those that have links with school education and/or religious education.

2. Agencies, having a national responsibility or concern for religious education in schools and recognised either by the churches or by the government.

3. Individuals and other organisations, who sympathise with or are interested in the work of ICCS.

4. ICCS has a network of national correspondents. In each country one or two representatives from the above mentioned first or second group are elected as correspondents. The task of these correspondents is to promote the idea of European co-operation in the area of church/school relationships in their own country. The corresponúdents are asked to maintain close links with other correspondents and with board members. Promoting the communication and exchange of ideas is a difúficult, but very important task of the ICCS correspondents.

If you are interested in joining ICCS please - mail us

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National Correspondents




email / website

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The Welsh National Center for RE
University of Wales

David Lankshear*

Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD)

Jürgen Frank

Comenius-Institut, Germany

Peter Schreiner*

University of Dresden, Germany

Roland Biewlad*

Religionspädagogisches Institut der Evangelischen. Kirche A. und H.B. in Österreich

Helmar Pollitt

Eglise Protestante Unie de Belgique (EPUB)

Gabriela Radermacher-de Ridder

Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren

Ondrej Sobeslavsky

Education Centre of Finnish Lutheran Church

Markku Holma


Georgios Tsakaldis


Lutheran Church in Hungary

Lajos Szabo

Church of Ireland

Rev Canon John E. McCullagh

Servizio Istruzione e Educazione (S.I.E.) della Federazione delle Chiese Evangeliche in Italia (F.C.E.I.)

Elisabeth Loeh*




Theological Institute of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church University of Tartu

Olga Schihalejev

Institut for Kristen Oppseding (IKO) / Den Norske Kirke, Norway

Erling Birkedal

University of Education, Zurich, Switzerland

Johannes Rudolf Kilchsperger

ICCS correspondent at the Council of Europe

James Barnett

Fundación Federico Fliedner Relaciones Institucionales

Bettina Zöckler

Arbetsgemenskap för Religionspedagogik, Sweden

Rune Larsson

Pedagogical institute of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

Hans Mikael Holt

Pedagogical institute of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

Lys Nymark Hejlesen

Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland

Adrian Korczago

Russian Orthodox Church, Russia

Father Igor Aleksandrovic Kireyev

Malyi Krasnoprudnyi tupik. Bulgaria / Russia

Valentin Kozhukharov

Førsyeamanuensis Religionspedagogikk

Heid Leganger-Krogstad*

Service de Catéchèse Lutheran and Reformed Church

Jean Marc Meyer

ICCS for the Netherlands

Elza Kuyk

University in Latvia, Faculty of Theology

Laima Geikina

Karlstad University

Christina Osbeck

IKO Church educational centre

Eigil Morvik


Kristent Pedagogisk Forbund (KPF)

Sofia Lobzhanidze

Sulchan -Saba Orbeliani Pedagogical University Tbilissi


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